Mimi Alexiou
Recruitment & Talent Manager

ReGeneration – a break through initiative that I have been deeply involved! Assessment Centers, HR Panels and fruitful discussions with many talented young people. As a company we have selected many ReGenerators that have been part of our organization and contributed in building high performing teams. Our time to hire has been eliminated since we are interviewing candidates that have already been assessed and calibrated regarding their skills and potential! Great job and collaboration by all ReGen team members!

The American College of Greece
Dimitris Andreou
Vice President of Enrollment and Administration

“Over the years, The American College of Greece has had the opportunity to cooperate several times with ReGeneration, including hosting events on our campus, promoting the opportunities that ReGeneration offers, mentoring our students to compete in this challenging process, recruiting student volunteers to support the initiative, and actively engaging our Career Office with this truly remarkable organization. Several of our students have already benefited from ReGeneration’s ability to connect them with the world of work, and are grateful for this.

I believe that the rigorous and objective process that ReGeneration puts candidates through promotes meritocracy and excellence, while offering students something tangible at the end: the start of a serious and productive career.

I hope ReGeneration continues its mission and is embraced by more and more corporations and organizations. Our youth needs it.”

Elena Athassoulas-Kyrnassiou
Vice President & Executive Director

“The success of ReGeneration, let alone its existence itself, proves that when talented people discover their passion and get devoted to their purpose, miracles do happen. In the country we live in, ReGeneration has ceaselessly managed to give hope, act fairly, and match brilliant organisations with brilliant, young people. It is not a coincidence that ReGeneration’s actions are applauded and supported by some of the greatest visionaries in Greece.”

Hotel Titania
Nikolaos Biris
HR Manager

ReGeneration invests in the new Generation, enabling young talent to stay in Greece and contribute to the Greek society and economy. It provides a stepping stone for the participants’ first professional experience and the opportunity to evolve not only professionally but also personally. The training and mentoring programs, as well as the soft and hard skills development tools offered to the participants, help them adjust to the needs of the Greek market. I wish I had the same opportunities during my first steps as an employee.

Vicky Bouzouki
Group HR & Administration Director

I believed in ReGeneration since day one! I have considered the program, ever since its conception and up to now, as one of the best solutions to reduce the brain-drain in our country and give hope to young, competent graduates. You have created a talent pool of people prepared in a way both meaningful and practical, that facilitates their cultural integration into the corporate world and develops them into capable professionals that will move our country forward.

Praktiker Hellas S.A. 
Ioannis Bozovitis
Sales & HR Director

“Our company is very active in matters of employability, and sensitive regarding the issue of youth unemployment. Thus, we invest significantly in activities that have a meaningful impact on society. Our cooperation with ReGeneration started in 2017 and is now included in the primary sources of profile research for junior position hirings.”

Minerva SA Edible Oils & Food Enterprises
Achillia Condou
Head of Human Resources

ReGeneration is a useful vehicle for the organizations that aim at bringing in young talented people.It is a win-win strategy, as candidates have the opportunity to make their first steps in the business world, developing their skills next to experienced professionals, and at the same time, organizations benefit from the energy, new ideas, up-to-date skills and fresh perspective in the way of working. The demanding and thorough selection process of ReGeneration ensures high quality candidates."

KPMG Greece
Aspasia Dimopoulou
Human Resources Director

It is my pleasure to share my experience regarding ReGeneration. The quality of candidates is of high standards in both technical and personality aspects. It is this combination that provides a comfort that the young people suggested by ReGeneration cannot only do the work, but also make the difference in the work environment.

Ioannis Dritsas
HR Director

Regeneration constitutes a strong example of how common effort and collaboration can help young people with perspective make their professional dreams come true. All of us in METRO are so proud contributing to this great, ongoing effort and we believe that Regenerators can add value, innovation and pure talent in our organization. We will definitely continue participating in Regeneration and we are looking forward to welcoming even more young colleagues in METRO family. 

Efthymiadou Dora
Head of Recruitment

In the modern business environment, which is constantly changing, the contribution of regeneration to the young is very important since it offers a guidance in order for them to reach their goals. The way in which you have organized the whole process, gives both to candidates as well as companies the sentiment of security and the reliance that candidates will be able to be absorbed in the line of business that they are looking for. We all know how demanding and significant it is to attract appropriate employees and doing it right surely promotes productivity and efficiency. At the same time it reduces the time spent to train someone new and also the time needed to adjust to the new working environment.

Liana Gouta
Group Director Energy Policy and International Affairs

Regeneration is certainly a hope of light on a gray background. When everyone could only see a deadlock in the employment of young people in Greece, the Regeneration team was trusting Greece and its talents, planning and finding solutions to bridge the gaps. They proved that brain drain is not a one-way path. They search for excellence among young talented people and empower them with new technical and soft skills, tailor-made to the real needs of the business world, matching demand with supply. Behind all those impressive score figures, real success lies on the enthusiasm, the passion and the vision of Regeneration team! Thank you for what you are doing!   

Microsoft Greece, Cyprus, Malta
Matina Hatzipavlou
Human Resources Director

ReGeneration is a pioneering program, which aims at the creation of professional opportunities for young graduates, while at the same time cultivates much needed competences in order for these graduates to become employable. This initiative contributes to the eradication of “brain drain” and the fleeing of young talent abroad, helps in the unveiling of young high-caliber graduates, and at the same time bridges the skills that companies need. At Microsoft, we value the high quality of the graduates participating in the program, and we very often choose ReGeneration’s finalists to be the part of our workforce.

Microsoft Greece, Cyprus, Malta
Matina Hatzipavlou
Human Resources Director

ReGeneration is a pioneering program, which aims at the creation of professional opportunities for young graduates, while at the same time cultivates much needed competences in order for these graduates to become employable. This initiative contributes to the eradication of “brain drain” and the fleeing of young talent abroad, helps in the unveiling of young high-caliber graduates, and at the same time bridges the skills that companies need. At Microsoft, we value the high quality of the graduates participating in the program, and we very often choose ReGeneration’s finalists to be the part of our workforce.

Vassilis Ioannidis
HR Business Partner

A great execution of a great idea! ReGeneration helps companies find candidates with the right combination of soft skills and hard skills. Accuracy, agility and responsiveness are the key elements of this successful initiative that merges a strong social purpose with a forward business thinking.

Nektaria Eirini Karamani
HR Head

At the edge of the financial crisis in Europe, when the youth unemployment rate in Greece has reached tremendously high levels, fostering the continuation of the “brain-drain” for our country, few words can be said to recognize such remarkable initiatives like this one. ReGenaration managed to successfully make the linkage between education and employment - equipped thousands of young people with the right skills and placed them in respectful employers. On one hand, created a solid future for Greek youth, on the other hand, enabled employers to interact with talented and well equipped new generation of employees. Thank you ReGeneration for your remarkable IMPACT initiative to our young people and Greece – the idea, the level of excellence and professionalism for the implementation and your commitment to a positive forward looking future makes the difference.

TITAN Cement Company SA
Giannis Kollas
Group HR Executive Director

The ReGeneration initiative is in line with our commitment to empower young people, and TITAN Group embraced it from the very beginning. It is a program designed with vision, ambition and determination to fight brain drain and offer opportunities to graduates who are eager to create and evolve. We are very satisfied with the effective preparation, meritocratic selection process and quality of ReGeneration’s talent pool. We will continue to support ReGeneration, as it puts social responsibility into practice in a highly value-adding way.

Edenred Greece
Yannis Kolovos
General Manager

In times when numerous discussions have arisen regarding brain drain, ReGeneration took action. An initiative that, in the middle of a crucial period for our country, has supported hundreds of young talents, helping them to kick-start their career. We commit to stand by you, so that you can dynamically continue this significant endeavor.

PwC Greece
Yiolanda Kourasmenaki
Human Capital and Marketing & Communications Leader

At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. In an increasingly complex world, we are proud to be part of initiatives that shape and support the future of our youth. ReGeneration aligns with our commitment to provide opportunities to young professionals and invest in their continuous learning and development.

Council on Competitiveness of Greece
Venetia Koussia
Director General

ReGeneration is a best practice of what the 3rd sector can achieve in the employment journey. I wish we had more similar examples to share and learn from. Their specific plan and determination to provide value, along with their endless willingness to improve on a daily basis, constitute their foundations for success.

Yiannis Koutrakis
Chief People Officer

ReGeneration is proof that in Greece, there are young talented people with ambition, capabilities and willingness to work. At Printec, we are happy and proud of our cooperation with ReGeneration. In a time of economic crisis, this initiative proves that good intentions, positive outlook and organizational capacity can prevail over stagnation, and contribute both to the evolution of human capital and to the development of the Greek economy. ReGeneration has made a difference, and has already set the bar high!

Gerasimos Kouvaras
Country Director ActionAid HELLAS

If innovation brings creative ideas aiming to fulfill unmet needs, then ReGeneration is one of the most innovative initiatives, born during the crisis, addressing youth unemployment. ActionAid Hellas has already benefited from the capacity of ReGenerators, who bear vocational skills along with potentiality and trainability. Keep up the effort!

Marica Labrou
Managing Director

An excellent initiative that enables businesses to successfully combine their goals, regarding the pursuit of prominent executives, with the dreams of young candidates, who are capable, open-minded, oriented to excellence and ready to contribute to team efforts. A truly unique meeting!

Christos Latos
General Manager Customer Engagement & Digital

The numbers are shocking! While the average unemployment rate for the country as a whole is 21 percent, the youth unemployment rate is 39 percent! Thus, ReGeneration’s mission is critical, and ultimately, its actual impact to the Greek society so far, quite significant. As a business leader, I wholeheartedly support such initiatives and would like to see even more.

AXA Greece
Anna Maniati
HR Director

At AXA Greece, we actively support the meaningful contribution of ReGeneration for young graduates. Through the program, candidates have the opportunity to develop the needed competences and knowledge in order to ensure a successful career at the company in which they will eventually be employed. It is an excellent initiative that has gained our trust!

Vodafone Greece
Iro Melliou
Human Resources Director

At Vodafone we always keep an eye out for young and driven continuous learners who share our vision for an exciting digital future. Our participation in the ReGeneration program gives us the opportunity and the pleasure to meet such young talents. 

Praxia Bank
Petros Mihos
Chief People Officer

From a total of 24 years of experience, my work with ReGeneration is right up there with my most important and treasured moments. Helping young people, and seeing the world of work through their eyes is refreshing, humbling, and includes the occasional, and welcome, slap in the face of my preconceptions.

Accenture, Greece & Bulgaria
Nicolas Moschatos
Human Resources & Recruiting Manager

Although unemployment in Greece remains high, bridging the gap between talented individuals and companies is not an easy task. ReGeneration has achieved to tackle this issue, by implementing a holistic approach to professional and personal development, and by equipping our young dynamic people with the necessary experience, mentality and skills. We, as Accenture, are proud for having strategically supported this initiative.

OPAP Group
Isabelle Moser
Chief People Officer

Regeneration is a great innovative programme which puts young graduates in direct contact with organisations so as to take their first steps into the professional arena. It is an important initiative with concrete positive results both for the candidates as well as for us companies. In the past years, thanks to the cooperation between the OPAP People and the Regeneration team, we have welcomed as interns in OPAP Group several graduates who now pursue their professional career within our Group. What we appreciate in our Regeneration cooperation is its quick response, great cooperation, the accurate pre-assessment of the graduates, as well as the wide range of backgrounds/fields covered. We believe in and support fully this programme as it is aligned with our goals: concrete support to youth and employment.

Ioanna Mouzaliotou
HR Talent Acquisition Manager & Employee & Labor Relations Manager Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia

ReGeneration’s impact is very significant, both for the candidates and for the companies who are interested in attracting qualified candidates. In P&G, we are passionate about finding top talents and helping them grow in our organization and Regeneration has proven to be a valuable partner in this process. At the same time, ReGeneration’s candidates gain meaningful work experience through the program and as a result their chances of embarking on a successful career path increase. Through my participation in the live assessment as a recruiter, I was thrilled to interview many talented young people and get inspired by their passion and eagerness to start their professional journey.

Korn Ferry
Martha Mylona
Senior Principal

Four years ago, I was at the inauguration of the “ReGeneration” initiative in a very unstable period for our country, and the success of this idea at that time seemed dreamless. Βut thanks to the dedication of young people with talent, an unlimited appetite for work and a great passion: to help other young graduates fulfil their professional dreams, the ReGeneration experience became synonymous with employment opportunities for youth, company investment and trust into the new generation, evaluation, quality, excellence, talent and development. I was proud to be a part of this inspirational and innovative program which gave me high emotions and fulfilment. Keep going, dreamers of ReGeneration!

Thanos Mytilinaios
Human Resources Director

Working with ReGeneration has been a great pleasure for us. Regeneration not only helps young talented people, but also provides valuable support to enterprises in their quest for talent. It gives us access to a pool of talented individuals with great potential for the future.

Athens University of Economics and Business
Ioannis Nikolaou
Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour

As an academic, I always encourage my students to seek for the best option in terms of employment opportunities, instead of just getting a job. ReGeneration is a great initiative, supporting young people not only to begin their career, but also to acquire important interpersonal skills via training and mentoring. Keep it going guys!

Dentsu Aegis Network Hellas
Angeliki Pachi
HR Director

ReGeneration gives us hope! Hope that great initiatives still happen despite the financial still happen despite the financial crisis, hope that young people are supported and great talents are identified and retained within our country. For us, ReGeneration is a valuable partner that helps us find the “hidden gems,” the innovators and next generation professionals that will play a leading role in our company’s future.

Alina Papageorgiou
Group Chief HR Officer

When I attended the first presentation of the ReGeneration initiative, I was at the same time impressed and frustrated. Was such an ambitious activity going to succeed right in the middle of the Greek financial crisis? Not only did it succeed, but it has become a benchmark and a household name both among students and corporations. Our recent experience with ReGeneration at Intralot, with four “little stars” in the QA department, has been very positive, just as expected. Their high quality, ambitious and open minds make up for their lack of experience. These qualities, coupled with their training at ReGeneration, made them useful to the department, and offered them a valuable experience.

Philip Morris International
George Partsakoulakis
Director People & Culture - EU South East Cluster

Today in Greece, giving back to the new generation is not simply an act of good, rather, it is a much needed and shared responsibility for the future of the country and society. ReGeneration's work and activities take it a step further, connecting young scientists and businesses in a practical, substantive, and at the same time, efficient way…turning vision into action!

CareerBuilder Greece & Sweden
Manto Patsaoura
Managing Director

ReGeneration won our hearts as an innovative program that offers talented graduates more than just an internship. : Personal development, professional advancement, and direct connection with the job market, are some of the benefits provided to young candidates. We have been ReGeneration’s Partner since the very beginning, as we truly admire its dynamic character, and strongly believe in the difference it has come to make in the Greek market – for both candidates and employers.

Xerox Hellas
Vassilis Rabbat

ReGeneration is a unique initiative that promotes excellence and offers valuable guidance and networking for young talents. By successfully linking candidates’ skills with current market needs, it fosters economic development and helps with the fight against the ‘brain drain’ phenomenon. The Association of CEOs will continue to offer its full support to ReGeneration’s efforts and initiatives.

Spyros A. Raptakis
Human Resources & Business Support Director

It has been increasingly difficult for companies in today’s restricted local job market, to be able to detect, and attract skilled candidates for a variety of positions and levels. Following a short scouting for new and promising recruitment & selection channels, we came across Regeneration and we were pleasantly surprised with their resourcefulness, professionalism, maturity and proactive attitude. We have been provided with very promising profiles during our searches and we are sure to collaborate with you in the future. Keep up the good work!

Ioannis Repoulis
Head of Talent Recruitment, Selection & Onboarding Division

The Regeneration initiative is a truly impactful and much-needed presence in the Greek youth employability landscape. It’s not just about getting young people jobs. From our perspective, it was more about the journey. These young people were able to experience a selection process, get to corporate environments and learn about themselves. What do they like? Which field do they truly prefer? Which direction should they develop themselves towards? These are the questions that Regeneration answers with every hour of training, every interview, every placement. And that is how they make a true impact for the young people.

Yiannis Retsos

We are proud of the graduates of the ReGeneration Hospitality Front Office Academy powered by INSETE, the first ever Academy for tourism and hospitality. Tourism is a sector where the human factor plays a crucial role in the customer experience and for SETE, the development, empowerment and progress of people in tourism has always been a strategic goal. This is why, through INSETE, we develop targeted initiatives in order to equip tourism professionals with those skills that contribute in a complementary way in the design and provision of quality products and services, as well as in placing our country amongst the most popular destinations globally.

Natassa Sachlou
HR Manager

In Athenian Brewery, we believe that having young talent throughout the company is key to our long-term success. Τo that extend, Regeneration has been a highly contributing partner for us! This program is an opportunity for young people to kick-start their career and realise their aspirations. We are more than happy to have been part of this unique and valuable experience, and it is always our pleasure to engage with young talented people who are eager to learn and develop their skills in challenging assignments within our company. Congratulations Regeneration for effectively bridging the gap between companies and young talents!

Generation Y Group of Companies
Anastasios Spanidis

ReGeneration's initiative for emerging new business talent and the bridge it creates between talent supply and demand in the market is undoubtedly important. Not only because it strengthens businesses in general, but also because it provides substantial guidance to ensure young professionals are placed in the appropriate positions by ensuring their qualifications are assessed. This results in the creation of a highly meritocratic environment. The power of every business, no matter how large or small, is its people. With properly trained executives in the right positions, this power is multiplied not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. ReGeneration is a precious carrier of this effort, and we are really pleased to contribute to its great social imprint, which gives the human force the value it deserves. As the well-known American businessman, Doug Conant has said, “to win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.

Natasha Spirou
Group HR Director

The experience of FOURLIS Group with ReGeneration could only be characterized as positive and mutually constructive! Not only because of the professionalism of its executives and our excellent cooperation with them for 5 consecutive years, but also because it is hard for anyone not to recognize its admirable effort to combat youth unemployment and develop new graduates through a reliable, objective, truly demanding and high-standard process. During those 5 years of action and in the context of recognizing the mutual “benefit” for both our Group and young graduates, we have employed many ReGenerators, all of whom are still with us creating and developing their own career path!

Gregory Stamatopoulos
Partner - Head of Finance & Business Development

ReGeneration is a great initiative that strives to help young graduates and executives to start/reshape their career path in the challenging Greek market. We are more than delighted to continue working with the ReGeneration team and we highly recommend it to all aspiring young individuals and all companies.

RSM Greece
Elena Stylianou

In an undoubtedly difficult economic climate, which for the last eight years gave young people extremely few, if any, opportunities for entering the workplace, ReGeneration has come to play a pivotal role in bridging this gap, and in providing the vehicle needed for young people to find their way into a meaningful career path. The benefits for those participating are endless: a real taste and experience of the interview and assessment process, awareness of their strong and development points through benchmarking and feedback, and a support system made up of extraordinary people who give them hope, based on realistic goals, coupled with a warmness that gives them the confidence and the optimism needed to believe in their dreams and begin their careers with enthusiasm and vigor.

Manolis Theodorakis

A refreshing experience that acts as a stimulus for the design of new strategies. It sparks optimism that the new generation has the competencies and the mindset to lead us to the digital era.

Hellas EAP
Tatiana Tounta

ReGeneration is the epitome of forward thinking, and solid proof of how joined forces can make a real difference in the Greek employment market. Deserving young talents are presented with an unparalleled work experience opportunity that boosts their employability. At the same time, organizations remain dynamic and competitive by investing in new skills and abilities.

Roche Diagnostics & Diabetes Care
Mary Tsagkaraki
Head of Human Resources

In a country where being an entrepreneur is hard, and the youth unemployment rate is the highest in the EU during the last years, brain drain has been the only viable option for young Greeks. That’s where ReGeneration came to challenge the status quo by providing a new professional opportunity to young talented graduates, keeping the talented Greeks in the local job market and giving the chance to companies to boost their HR with new employees. Over the last year, Roche Diagnostics has hired five management trainees in five different departments under 18-month contracts. By being part of ReGeneration, we have become regenerated, as Generation Z is picking up the torch in the workplace and shaping the future of work.

Citi Greece
Kostas Tsalikis
Head of Human Resources

ReGeneration is a breath of fresh air regarding the hiring process of young professionals for numerous companies by being a catalyst between companies and newcomers. Within a short period, the program has created its own footprint in the workplace upgrading the quality of hirings and accelerating their adaptation to the new environment through structured developmental programs tailored to prepare candidates for undertaking new duties. All in all, the market welcomed the ‘’Regeneration’’ initiative as a new recruitment experience!

GSK Greece
Jenny Tsimiklis
HR Director

Although we, at GSK, began our support of the ReGeneration program purely in the spirit of supporting Greek youth in their difficult employment journey, we now feel that we are the ones being supported by this fantastic innovative initiative. The program has become our number one channel of finding great new talent and developing our next generation of future leaders! A truly worthy win-win program for every responsible employer in Greece!

Steel & Cenergy Companies of Viohalco Group
Costas Vavaroutas
Senior HR Executive

I had the opportunity to work with ReGenerators since the beginning of this initiative, and I was impressed with the quality of the young professionals who succeeded in becoming part of the program. Looking back at the huge success of ReGeneration now, I feel proud for it and for its supporters. Well done!

Vasileios Velkos

ReGeneration is the best initiative for recent graduates in Greece. It gives the opportunity to young graduates to learn more about the job market in Greece, to engage in the necessary upskilling in order to have the best jumpstart to their first job, with all the important insights for their CV and professionalism. Keep up the good work for the next (Re)Generation in Greece!

Henkel Hellas
Thalia Vouvonikou
Head of HR

ReGeneration represents an innovative program which came to sustain young graduates in the local market and invest in their continuous training, closing possible gaps with real market needs. Nowadays, knowledge and expertise demands are changing rapidly, and only with constant assessment and close business monitoring can a good match of young talents with current market trends, be achieved.