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Here, companies that are already part of the program, or are interested in participating, can submit open positions which can be covered by ReGeneration interns.

Show of interest as well as hiring of interns, can take place any time throughout the year. The only requirements for a company to participate in the program are to pay the intern’s salary (750 €/month gross for six months plus statutory employer contributions), and to offer the intern a meaningful learning experience through their internship.

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Registration of positions

  1. As a first step, please enter the title of the position (ex. Assistant Financial Analyst)
  2. Choose the number of candidates needed with the above background
  3. Select on the dropdown the background of the candidate you are looking for
  4. Write down the town/area where interns will be placed
  5. If more candidates with different backgrounds are needed, click the (+) button and fill in the new cells following instructions 1-4.
Only the ReGeneration team has access to this information. Anything you share will be treated as confidential information.