Candidates’ FAQs


How is ReGeneration different from other internship programs?

ReGeneration isn’t just a simple internship program; it’s an integrated professional development program which offers a 6-month paid internship, a holistic training program, voluntary work at NGOs as part of giving back to the community, as well as guidance from acknowledged Greek professionals.
ReGeneration is not the product of a single company, but a program which collaborates with many companies in order to develop an internship movement, which in the long run will bring a positive change to the greek society.

Do I have to submit my cv in Greek or in English?

Your CV should be uploaded in Greek.

If I get selected, does the program require daily involvement?

The program has the following requirements:

  • Internship: daily 8-hour occupation (except weekends) for 6 months;
  • Voluntary work at an NGO: up to 25 hours outside working hours, on interns’ free time;
  • Training program: about 50 hours, split into two parts. The first part takes place after the Assessment Center with the participation of all finalists and the second part takes place once a month for candidates who have successfully been placed within a company. Seminars take place on weekdays in agreement with the intern’s company.

My graduation ceremony has not taken place yet, can I take part?

Yes. Since the program targets graduates, if you have passed all of your exams and can provide all the relevant documentation then you are free to apply.

What are the times and days for volunteer work in non-profit organisations?

Community Service in NGOs takes place outside working hours, on interns’ free time, during the six-month internship.

Can I choose the company where I will have my internship?

Companies have access to the database where all finalists’ resumes are found and depending on the profile they are looking for, they contact the fitting candidates. Companies interested in hiring a candidate then make an offer and the candidate decides on whether or not he/she will accept it. If candidates receive offers from more than one company, only then will they be able to select the company in which they prefer to be placed for their six-month internship.

What does the Games-based Assessment (GBA) stage consist of?

The Games-based assessment is part of the second stage of the candidates’ selection process. Candidates who successfully pass to the GBA stage will completed 2 tests, one of a skills test (numerical, diagrammatic) and a personality test.

The GBA can be filled through your smartphone or tablet with a total duration of 1-1,5 hours.
For more information regarding GBA, you can read right below the section “FAQ for Games-based Assessment”.

Why do I have to be physically present in the assessment centre?

This stage of the selection process is very dynamic and interactive and cannot be completed through skype or any other audiovisual means.

Does ReGeneration cover the transportation costs for candidates during the assessment center selection?

ReGeneration does not cover transportation costs to or from the venue where the Assessment Center will take place.

I want to participate in the program, but I also have some other educational or professional obligation. Can I combine the two?

The program cannot be combined with another professional activity since the internship is 8-hours daily. However, if you are interested in applying in ReGeneration while currently employed, you may, as long as you are available during the selection stages of the program, i.e. the Assessment Center, the interviews with companies, the first part of the training program, and the beginning of the internship in case of an agreement with a company.

How many positions can I apply for?

You are allowed to submit only one application and choose a preferred direction among the following: Business, Technical, and Social stream.

If I was selected last year am I eligible for next year’s program?

Once you reach the final stage, your resume remains available on ReGeneration’s database for one year. If up to that point you have not reached an agreement with a company and are still interested in the program, you will have to succeed in the selection process again.

If I am not selected, can I apply again for the program's next cycle?

Of course, there are no restrictions in case you are not selected.

Are there any prospects for permanent engagement in the company where I will have my internship?

The program offers a six-month paid internship. In the past, a large part of interns were absorbed by the company in which they began their internship. However, this decision is exclusively made by the employer/company without any involvement whatsoever of the program.

What happens if I cannot provide my volunteer work or take part in the training program?

The volunteer work and training program are an integral part of ReGeneration. When someone applies to ReGeneration he/she agrees with the Terms and Conditions of the program, which besides the six-month internship include the voluntary work and the training program.

Do you have open positions in cities outside Athens?

ReGeneration is a program for graduates and companies all over Greece. In previous cycles, we’ve had open positions in Thessaloniki, Drama and Patra and we are constantly opening new positions in other major Greek cities.

Is the salary determined by the companies?

No, the salary is determined by ReGeneration and is 750€ per month (gross) for the six months of the internship for all interns, regardless of the company with which they agree.

FAQ for Games-based Assessment

Do I need to be an experienced games player?

No! This is a personality assessment wrapped in a game format. There is no special ability, skill or knowledge needed to be able to successfully complete the session. Artcic Shores has carefully designed each task for it to be intuitive and easy to pick up. Extensive testing has shown that there is no difference in someone’s performance in the game-based psychometric tests whether you have never played a video game before or if you are highly experienced.

What is the objective of the games?

The objective is stated at the start of each game. It typically requires to collect as many tokens as you can (in the form of fireflies, stars, etc). The most important objective is to be focused on all the tasks in the game and to try your best at every level.

How will I be measured?

Most people assume it’s all about the number of tokens collected.  In the personality assessments, the number you collect is NOT what we are measuring. Arctic Shores collects over 3,000 data points from the way you approach each level and how you decide to address each task. The best strategy is therefore to be yourself and let the game capture the unique way you apply yourself to the tasks in each level. In the aptitude assessments, you will be measured on the basis of how many questions you answer correctly.

Will my selection for a job be dependent on how I play the game?

This is a personality assessment, looking at your behaviours and approach to certain carefully designed tasks. The data captured will be used to determine your profile on certain personality traits. However, there is a lot more to selecting the right candidate than just their personality traits. So the results from the psychometric assessment are part of the recruitment process but doesn’t determine who will eventually get the job. It is considered along with other factors such as the application and the assessment centre.

Isn’t this just a fun game?

No, it’s a serious assessment in an engaging format. Arctic Shores is not a games company that started to try their hand at psychometric assessments. They started with the psychometric science and worked out how to make the data capture more engaging and objective.

Is there a time limit?

There is no specific time limit on the personality assessments. On average people take 20-25 minutes to complete a session. However, some people like to take a little longer. It’s not about how quickly you complete the session, rather how well you focus on the requirements of each level and apply your best efforts to the tasks. There is a time limit on the aptitude assessment where you will have up to 12 minutes to complete each level. In the event of a learning disability (i.e dyslexia), you will need to provide documentation of the said disability in order to be given extra time.

Which devices are supported?

Arctic Shores’ Games-based assessment support Apple iOS and Android operating systems. Older devices (more than 3 years since they were first introduced to the market) will be slower and in some cases unable to handle the application. There are too many models and manufacturers to create a list of which one’s work and which ones don’t so the best indicator that can be given is the age of the device (from its date of launch). Like many new apps, Arctic Shores did not have the resources to support the MS Windows Mobile operating system from the outset. They will in time but in the meantime you will need to access a device with either the Android or Apple iOS operating system.

All screen sizes are supported and the application is designed to function equally as well whatever the screen size.

So, if you don’t have a phone or tablet with these specifications, keep in mind that during the phase of the Games-based Assessment, you will have to use one from a friend or a family member.

Can I play the game on a laptop or desktop computer?

Not at the moment. The application is built for native use on mobile devices. This allows for higher performance on the device and better data capture. More and more recruiters are moving their application process to be mobile device friendly and with over 80% of job applicants preferring to apply via a mobile device Arctic Shores decided to start off with this platform.

What happens if my device is not supported?

Every applicant is given a unique player key that is specific to both the candidate and the application. What this means is that you can use that key on any supported device and the data will be connected to your User ID and job application. So if you don’t have a supported device, you can use one from a friend or family member without any compromise.

What happens if the app crashes or my phone runs out of battery?

First of all, don’t panic! Arctic Shores has fall-backs for both of these situations. Once you complete each level, the data is recorded and if there is an Internet connection to the device, the data is automatically sent to Arctic Shores’ server and stored. So if you need to restart, the app will check your unique ID and confirm with the server the latest recorded data. So when you re-start the app you will be given the option to “Resume game” and continue from the last completed level.

Can I play the game at any time and in any place?

Yes! That’s the advantage of having the application as a native app on your device. It is best if you complete the session in one go but we recognise that’s not always possible so you can exit the app at any time although if you don’t want to lose any data then it’s best to complete a level before you exit. It is important to always have an Internet connection so the latest data set can be sent to our server.

What do you do with the data?

Arctic Shores records only the way you approach the tasks in the app. They don’t capture any personal data from your device. The recorded data is encrypted and sent to Arctic Shores’ server, which is hosted through a reputable data centre provider. Once the server receives the data, your results are compared to the national average of results we have previously collected.

Who has used this game based psychometric test before?

Arctic Shores’ pilots and tests all of their applications for several months before full public release. They test for any bias whether gender, ethnicity, disability or age.

Since their initial launch, their applications have been used by several leading international firms spanning a variety of industry sectors from professional services to engineering and construction such as Delloitte and The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Can I see my results?

Yes. Your results are compiled and compared to a data set collected from across the country and representing a normal distribution of the population. A candidate friendly report is automatically created and will be sent to you directly from Arctic Shores. The report covers the personality traits measured as well as some interesting statistics on your game play session.

Can I play more than once?

Like all personality tests the best results are from your first attempt. This is because you are giving your instinctive reaction to the tasks presented and we are looking to measure your natural responses and preferences. That is why you will have only one attempt to complete all levels of the two games.

What if I am no good at video games, do I need to practise?

As we mentioned earlier, there is no skill involved in this test. It is simply a psychometric test in a fun format – rigorous behavioural science first and gaming second. The test has been carefully designed to ensure that no skill is required to master the simple game mechanic. So don’t be frightened by the term “video game” if it’s not something you are familiar with or prefer to avoid, because in this case it provides no more than the description of the graphical interface they use to collect the data rather than a sophisticated gaming environment. Arctic Shores has made the use of the test so simple there is no need to practise and a study has been run confirming that familiarity with the test in its game format does not impact the results that derive.

Can you “game” the test?

Unlike games designed for entertainment where familiarity with the game mechanic and layout improves performance and enables greater levels of difficulty or sophistication to be introduced, these psychometric based games are designed for measurement of behaviours. There is no “strategy” that will help you either through the tasks in each level or achieve a particular performance level. This is a test to assess certain personality traits and there is no good or bad result to achieve. The best approach, it is clearly stated in the instructions in the game, is to try your best at every level. There are no targets to achieve and the number of tokens you end up with, whether those be fireflies or stars, has no bearing on the results. Our hope is that you find the experience enjoyable and that you are intrigued to find out what we learnt from the way you interacted with our app.

What should I do if I face a technical issue?

For any technical issue you might face, you can send us an email at, refering to the game you are playing, the device you are using and the exact problem you are having.

Lastly, you may find more info concerning Arctic Shores and the applications at