Ioanna Fotopoulou
GS Athens Hub Curator '17- '18

Ioanna is an engineer,  social entrepreneur and public speaker since 2008. For her social initiatives against corruption in Greece ( in the tax evasion system as well as the local level governments) she has been recognised by many international organisations like One Young World, Clinton Global Initiative (CGIU) and Social Impact Awards among others. She has been the president of Rotaract Anatolia, president of the student engineer department and currently is the incoming curator of Global Shapers Athens Hub of the World Economic Forum. Worked as a political activist for almost 2 years in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, has worked in the European Parliament, the ministry of Education in Greece and currently runs her 3rd company, Simple, Rocks that focuses on helping people have sustainable businesses and find the right clients in the minimum cost. She truly believes that employment (as well as self-employment) is the most empowering gift she can give to today's youth!