Panagiotis Madamopoulos-Moraris
ReGeneration Co-Founder & Motivator in Chief

Panagiotis Madamopoulos-Moraris is a Sloan Fellow at Stanford Business School and the Co-founder of ReGeneration, the largest education and employment impact program for young graduates in Greece. 

He’s also the Founding Partner of Nireus Capital Advisors, a boutique international strategic advisory firm with a focus on the three pillars of rapid, multinational growth: capital, talent, and partnerships. It supports a diverse range of firms, from start-ups and family offices to consumer brands, on Business and Corporate Development, Strategic Diversification and Organizational Design, Legal, Talent Acquisition & Development, Corporate Innovation, Impact Investing and Fundraising. He previously served as a Board Member and Strategy, Business Development and Real Estate Director of Agora Trading (now "Amarla Retail"), a cross-border fashion, retail and consumer goods operating group. Agora, until its 2016 sale to a Greek Family Office, was operating retail and wholesale vehicles in 15+ markets around EMEA and was an employer to 500 of staff. Panagiotis sat on the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Advisory Council on Partnerships. 

He holds an LLB from Democritus University Law School as well as an LLM from University of Pennsylvania Law School.