Professional and Personal Development

Through a holistic approach, ReGeneration aims to equip young individuals at the beginning of their professional lives, with the skills and tools necessary for professional and personal development. That is why we continuously invest in this holistic program that provides, aside from paid employment, targeted training and community service engagement, as part of an integrated experience that prepares participants to advance on both a professional and personal level. 

Highlighting Talent and Skills

Taking into consideration both the needs of today’s young graduate generation, as well as current labor market demands, ReGeneration aims to bridge the gap between talented individuals, and companies seeking to find skilled entry-level personnel to meet their employment needs. The program offers graduates the opportunity not only to be employed, but also to acquire the skills necessary to stay competitive in the job market.

Challenging Youth Unemployment

ReGeneration was "born" in a period of heightened unemployment and talent leak abroad, mainly due to the economic crisis Greece still faces today. Thus, the primary objective of the program is to help combat youth unemployment and brain drain, by offering young people the opportunity to take their first steps as professionals right here in Greece, joining the labor market through a holistic program that integrates paid work, training, community service and personal development.