It is an intensive hands-on training on basic and advanced data engineering, data science and business intelligence totaling 120 hours over a span of six weeks. The program includes three all-day coding events, one of which will take place at the Athens Tech College. During the program, candidates will learn new techniques and tools for collecting, storing, transforming, using, visualizing and exploiting data to meet the urgency and demand for Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Business Intelligence developers. More detailed information on the program and its content can be found here.


Code.Hub is the first tech hub in Greece created by developers for developers.

Its goal is to connect all IT professionals by creating the right conditions for hands-on knowledge to be enriched, but also shared. The Code.Hub team creates and discovers new job opportunities, contributes to the search for professional and educational improvement, and plans, together with each developer, his/her career advancement.

Code.Hub is the ideal collaborator for every multinational company, start-up, or employee / IT professional, as it focuses on taking scientific approaches to realize the "simulation of the IT industry and working environment.” Through Code.Hub, every developer and IT professional has the ability to learn from senior developers, building on their knowledge of code and real life projects.

Every Code.Hub member’s vision is to have the opportunity to evolve through the services of Code.Career, Code.Learn and Code.Event , and become an important member of Code.Community.

The Code.Hub team likes planning, developing IT skills, and creating pioneering ideas.

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Code.Hub is committed to the quality of its educational activities through its exclusive collaboration with Athens Tech College. Athens Tech College guarantees results, since it is the first specialized educational institution in Greece in the field of computer science and technology.

Athens Tech College effectively combines research and entrepreneurship, taking into consideration the economy’s demand in an era of innovation and startups. It offers over 45 years of experience in the field of education, new technologies, and communication.

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There are three main reasons why the ReGeneration Academy of Data Science & Data Engineering powered by Code.Hub is the ideal program for advanced training and upskilling. The analysis is based on the IT / programming skills you will acquire during your training, as well as the best possible work placement kick-starting your career.

More specifically, as Forbes (The 10 Best Jobs To Apply For In 2017) suggests, a data scientist position is ranked first, and that of the data engineer comes in third among the best jobs to apply for.

Additionally, Indeed.com has analyzed the top programming languages in the market, and results indicate that SQL and Python are in the top three.

The program focuses on hands-on experience in using SQL for databases and data engineering purposes, as well as Python for data science.


Successfully passing each of the first four stages of evaluation, you too can be one of the finalists who will take their first steps in the professional world of data through training in software programming, data engineering, data science and business intelligence.



Graduates of Greek or foreign colleges of higher education (AEI/TEI/college), in one of the following fields:

  • Information Technology / Computer Engineering / Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Management/Business Administration

Up to 29 years of age, as the program is aimed at graduates at the beginning of their careers.

Zero or limited work experience

Work experience from 0 to 3 years full-time, after completing studies.

Extracurricular activities

Active participation in extracurricular activities (eg. volunteering, sports, entrepreneurship, arts and any other non-academic activity).

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The goal of ReGeneration Academy of Data Science & Data Engineering is to provide data scientists with a strong theoretical and applied skills base. Software Engineering, Relational Databases, Python, Business Intelligence, NoSQL Databases, Data Visualization, Big Data Technologies and Systems, and Machine Learning are just a few of the areas covered for those participating in the ReGeneration Academy of Data Science & Data Engineering powered by Code.Hub. Participants will gain the skills necessary to compete in the job market and land positions in the fields of data engineering, data science, and business intelligence.