Paid placement in multinational, small and medium-sized companies, and startups in Greece

Our goal is to assist participants in developing both professionally and personally through employment, and see that they gain the skills necessary for a strong start in the labor market.

Some important information:

  1. Candidate profiles remain in the ReGeneration database for 1 year, until the candidate is recruited by a partnering company or the candidate removes his/her profile from the platform.
  2. Employment can start at any time during the year, depending on what each company proposes.
  3. If company recruiters are interested in a candidate for a particular position during the review process, they will directly communicate with the candidate, and not the other way around.
  4. A monthly gross salary of at least 750 € is guaranteed.
  5. ReGeneration cannot guarantee that all candidates will be offered employment upon completion of the program, as this is determined solely by the interest of participating companies.
32 hours of training with emphasis on personal and professional development

For all of us at ReGeneration, learning never stops. We believe that continuous education is an integral part of our development both on a professional and a personal level. That is why we invest heavily in the education and training of our program’s participants.

The ReGeneration training program has been designed with the support OTE Academy and the Love2Learn program, and aims to achieve the following goals:

Understanding of the ever-evolving professional environment.

Recognition and development of skills and knowledge, always keeping in mind a candidate’s self-awareness and connection to their social environment.

Preparation for a dynamic labor market integration.

25 hours of community work in selected NGOs

Social contribution is an integral part of our program. We believe in the benefits of volunteering, not only for the individuals and societies in need, but also as they pertain to the development of character and skills, both in the personal and professional life of the person involved in such actions.

MENTORING powered by Job-Pairs

Social Promotion Program - "ReGeneration Volunteerism powered by Ethelon"

This year marks a new era for ReGeneration's volunteer program as we have recently launched a collaboration with ethelon, one of the most active NGOs in Greece. With the new "ReGeneration Volunteerism powered by Ethelon" program, we aim to offer participants more volunteer choices based on their interests and skills, creating unique opportunities for personal development through generating substantial positive social impact.

More specifically, the program will include 3 key pillars of community service (Vulnerable Social Groups, Environment, and Education), thus enabling us to collaborate with many NGOs focusing on a variety of activities. This way, we embrace and support more and more community service efforts, contributing our best to our community’s greater good.




Community Service Program 2015-2017

In 2015, in collaboration with 6 non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), we designed a community service program focusing on the issue of homelessness, (September - December 2015). In 2016, in collaboration with 4 non-profit NGOs, we organized a community service program focusing on refugees, (March - September 2016). Our goal for both years was to highlight the importance of these social issues, to understand their scope as much as possible, to support NGOs working with love and respect for these causes, and through them, to support the homeless and refugees in our country.