Tereza Palaiologou

Tereza was born in the winter of 1994. She studied in Political Science and History at Panteion University and got her Master’s Degree on Strategic Human Resource Management from Alba Graduate Business School.She speaks English, German and holds an ECDL Advanced Certificate.

Her participation in various educational seminars should be of great assistance in her business activity as well as her personal development. She enjoys traveling, as trips give her the opportunity to take photos of remarkable places - an activity she particularly loves doing.

She is supporter of the saying “You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business”

She is very fortunate, as she was chosen to become a member of the ReGeneration team, without any previous work experience. This fact is a living proof that the program trusts young and passionate people, who have the sense of giving. Therefore, her goal is to personally contribute to reducing unemployment among youth.

Overall, she has confidence that the program of ReGeneration gives participants the perfect chance to make a dynamic beginning in the workplace.