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The Global Shapers Athens Hub


The Global Shapers community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum, the international non-profit foundation based in Switzerland. The Global Shapers community consists of a network of Hubs which are established and managed by young people of considerable potential, with distinct achievements and the vision to contribute to the society in which they live. Their personal achievements, leadership profile and desire to distinguish themselves through their actions, are the key criteria for their selection. Their primary goal is to develop actions which can help address problems in their society.

The Global Shapers Athens Hub was established in 2011, in the midst of the gravest financial crisis that Europe had faced in the last century. The Hub serves as a link between the World Economic Forum, leading companies and NGOs and eminent personalities under 30. The Forum provides these parties with the opportunity to unite forces and to focus on achieving shared social goals in connection with issues such as unemployment in young people, entrepreneurship, the overall bottom-up economic growth and volunteerism in Greece.

The longstanding associations developed with all the partners within the so-called “golden triangle” – businesses, the civil society and Government – and its capability to attract the best talent, make the Athens Hub the most relevant international NGO for young people in Greece and one of the most effective Global Shapers Hubs globally.

The Hub seeks to strengthen and expand the impact of the ReGeneration initiative on the local as well as on the global level, by drawing on its potential in order address the evolving shortage of talent and the rising unemployment in young people through concerted actions.


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