What do hiring companies have to say

What do hiring companies have to say


Despina Anastasiou, Dow Hellas A.E.

Despina Anastasiou - Dow Hellas

This year we have had the opportunity to hire two candidates from the ReGeneration Program in Communications & Marketing and will have a third starting with us in January 2016. To date our experience has been so positive and exceeded my expectations. Both of our new staff and with minimal guidance have very quickly understood their responsibilities, adapted to our company culture and are adding tremendous value to our team. They have a drive and high initiative and are very proactive in everything that they do. For us it’s been a tremendously positive experience and I encourage others to join the program.

Eleni Sdougka, MetLife

At MetLife we like standing by the younger generation! Learning about the distinguishing features of the new age, at the same time introducing into our organization fresh ideas, innovative approaches, and new technologies. Our participation in ReGeneration enables us to provide the youth of our country with the prospect of a successful career in a multinational environment, based on innovation and diversity. ReGeneration enables us to meet our future Executives, today.

Amalia Tsingos, pamediakopes.gr

We were very glad to take part and support the ReGeneration program this year. The entire process is clear and simple to engage in and there is support 24/7 from program coordinators. Through the program, we were introduced to a very interesting pool of candidates, many of whom had extensive studies in their areas of interest. So far, our ReGeneration employees have added great quality to our existing team and have delved into their work with great enthusiasm and interest. As a company, we would definitely take part in the ReGeneration program again as it provides added gain for us and for the Greek economy as a whole.

Miselina Lemisiou, Atcom Internet & Multimedia S.A.

Working with the ReGeneration program has been pivotal in restructuring the sourcing and recruitment of our trainees. It is a very well organized program created with great care. It is the program’s dedication in helping companies to find the best trainees as well the very efficient ReGeneration team, that intrigued us from the very beginning. Our partnership developed gradually, step one was to identify our needs and then the recruitment process begun. This is the second time that we participate in the program, and we consider it to be the place to find our future talents. What impressed us the most, though, was that all the candidates invited for an interview, regardless of the outcome, were well educated, and had great values such as respect, honesty and teamwork. This observation is proof of the very thorough selection of people who, in our opinion, any company would embrace and invest into.
Congratulations for the consistency, the accuracy and the reliability of this initiative!

Alexandros Rigas, Impruvo

The ReGeneration program gave us the opportunity to get in touch with a large number of talented young people. We are very satisfied with our participation in the program, but mostly very happy with our final choice. The intern we chose for the position of Communications Coordinator, is already an active and capable member of our company. The responsibility, desire for development, but also the enthusiasm that our intern has, are the elements that make us believe that our team has already gained an important partner and we are very happy for that. We would highly recommend the program to any company in search for a new trainee.


At Vodafone we invest in young people, creating opportunities for work experience and their dynamic entrance into the labor market. With great pleasure we have participated in this innovative initiative and have supported young people in their quest for a dynamic professional start. Our participation in ReGeneration allows us to be in touch with young people who have high goals and ambitions, are creative and flexible, have fresh ideas and are interested in their development prospects. Our ReGeneration interns have already started working, with dedication and enthusiasm, showing their talents. Our cooperation is excellent as well as our experience.