Are you a candidate?

ReGeneration is an innovative program of the Global Shapers Athens Hub, a World Economic Forum initiative. The program was created to fight both youth unemployment as well as the phenomenon of ‘brain drain’ whereby young talented individuals choose to relocate abroad in order to start their careers.

It is addressed to talented graduates from all disciplines that are interested in applying for an internship placement in Greece.

ReGeneration is not just a placement program, it is a holistic professional and personal development program that offers you the opportunity to kick start your career through your internship, an intensive training and a community service program.

Who is eligible to apply to ReGeneration


In order to apply for ReGeneration prospective candidates should fulfill all of the four following conditions:


Graduates from Greek or foreign schools/institutes of higher education (University/College), from all disciplines, with or without a postgraduate degree.

No or limited work experience

Up to 2 years of full-time work experience after graduation.


Up to 29 years old, since the program addresses graduates at the beginning of their career.

Extracurricular activities

Active participation in extracurricular activities (e.g. volunteerism, sports, entrepreneurship, art and any other non academic activity).

More information regarding the Terms and Conditions of the program may be found here.

ReGeneration offers


6-month paid placement

at multinationals as well as small & medium enterprises in Greece

50 hours of training

on personal and professional development

25 hours
of community service

at selected NGOs


from distinguished Greek professionals
in partnership with Job-Pairs

The 8 stages of ReGeneration


Stages of ReGeneration


*For a candidate to proceed to the next stage of the application process, he will first need to successfully complete the previous one.


Online applications

Applications for ReGeneration are submitted online through the website.


Games-based Assessment

Only if you pass the application screening phase, you will be eligible to complete the Games-based Assessment (GBA). GBA consists of 2 gamified tests, one of a skills test (numerical, diagrammatic) and one of a personality test. The GBA can be filled through your smartphone or tablet with a total duration of 1-1,5 hours.


Live Assessment Centre

Only if you successfully pass the round of Games-based Assessment you will be invited at the Live Assessment Centre, in Athens. Your physical presence will be mandatory in order to ensure a fair and equitable process for all candidates.


1st part
of ReGeneration training

Only if you successfully pass the Live Assessment Center, you will be invited to attend the first part of the ReGeneration training. In this first part, you will attend a total of 16 hours. This training is mandatory for all finalists.


Community Service

Having reached the final stage and before you start your internship, you will participate in the community service program of ReGeneration. During your participation in the program you will complete 25 hours of voluntary work.


Company Interviews

Only when you have completed the first part of the ReGeneration training, you will be eligible in order to have interviews with the companies that are part of ReGeneration. The salary is the same for all trainees 750 €/month gross. At this point we would like to inform you we cannot guarantee that you will be invited for an interview from the participating company. Your potential interview invitation is subject to available positions that match your profile as well as the company’s interest. Even if you are not invited for an interview your ReGeneration profile will remain active for 1 year.



After you go through the interview process you may receive an offer from one or more companies. You will have 1 week in order to accept or reject the offer that you received. If you accept, you will sign a contract with the company. If you refuse, your profile will remain available in the platform and you will be eligible for more interviews with companies.


2nd part
of ReGeneration training

Once you start your internship, you will be eligible to participate in the second part of the ReGeneration trainings. You will dedicate one day per month at the ReGeneration training as it will have already been agreed with the company that hired you. Overall, you will receive 50 hours of training at this stage.


ReGeneration Certificate

If you successfully complete the ReGeneration program, you will receive a relevant certificate.
Note: Each intern can only complete one internship through ReGeneration.

What do interns have to say


John Christides, Eurobank

A decade ago, in order to listen to music, to write a text, to communicate with a friend from another country via internet, to take a picture, we needed separate devices. And then came the smartphones. Well, ReGeneration is like a smartphone, the game changer of internships. It’s not just the essential practical experience it gives you through the six-month internship at a company.It’s not just the training offered on important soft skills for your professional career. It’s the whole network which supports, trains, inspires, and mainly connects young people with common concerns and dreams, which are at the beginning of their professional career, giving them the opportunity to take a sure and stable first step in a new and sometimes intimidating start. And the most important? Taking this step TOGETHER.
For me, ReGeneration is a unique experience, whose influence will continue to exist in the future. Not only because of the training, because of the opportunity to gain professional experience on my field of studies and get hired at the company where I started. But mainly because it gave me the ability to meet and connect with a network of people with dreams and goals to become better and make our surrounding environment better.


Antonis Violaris, Panadvert

Every time I’m asked about ReGeneration, I repeat the same phrase: “I can’t believe this program takes part in Greece”. The whole experience is highly enjoyable and constructive. Besides professional skills, ReGeneration also offers skills which are transferable throughout our lives. I was impressed by the fact that I was one of a few Mathematicians in the ReGeneration cycle I took part in. There are an abundance of opportunities and demand out there for graduates of my expertise. I was given the opportunity to apply my skills in a Digital Marketing company, where I am fully satisfied. Last, I would like to say thank you to the voluntary organization “O Plision”, which made me feel a bit more human in the tough times we are going through.

Athina Kapetanaki, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Τhe ReGeneration program is a breath of fresh air, which gives hope to every young individual seeking to extend their horizons and to build strong foundations at the beginning of their professional journey. What attracted me most to this program was its holistic approach and the fact that learning occurs on multiple levels. These are achieved through the various stimuli offered throughout the program. The quality and the meritocratic approach that primarily define the program fills me with great pleasure and pride in both having achieved to become involved in ReGeneration, as well as having found a job in my country, in one of the most remarkable companies worldwide. ReGeneration is proof that every crisis provides an opportunity for innovative initiatives with vision to be born.