Talented candidates

Graduate candidates are selected through a rigorous and thorough evaluation and selection process to ensure quality and relevance. The application process includes successfully satisfying program criteria, a game-based psychometric assessment and interviews. Companies can thus enhance their workforce by accessing a diverse pool of some of the most talented young graduates, through ReGeneration. 

Investing in youth

When you support ReGeneration through recruiting candidates participating in our program, you also contribute to reducing youth unemployment while offering the opportunity to talented youth to remain and excel in Greece!

Resource optimization

ReGeneration is the only program that manages to map the talented graduate “market,” helping companies efficiently select qualified interns and entry level employees without any financial obligation toward the program, thus saving valuable time and resources in employee selection and training.

Corporate responsibility enhancement

By supporting ReGeneration's goal of helping reduce youth unemployment and brain drain, you are enhancing your corporate responsibility with actions that have a real impact on youth, the Greek economy and society.