Ioannis Anastasiou

I would describe my participation in ReGeneration as completely successful and full of positive experiences. Visualizing a better employment market, ReGeneration focuses on personal and professional development of all the participants, who feel the need to become more active and give back to their country. It is probably the only non-profit program that turns its commitments into actions. It offers an opportunity to the candidates to meet with more than 290 companies and supports them in accomplishing their professional dreams. In the three-days training I had the opportunity not only to meet with young people, but also to hear strong, interesting stories from senior executives from the Greek market. Even after being placed in the workplace through the program, ReGeneration stands beside me and supports me in developing my skills, which are absolutely necessary in the modern business world. My participation in the program is a decision that I would certainly make again.

Stella Alexandridi
Financial Analyst

All recent graduates at the beginning of their careers, need a chance to reveal their potential. ReGeneration offers more than a way into a highly dynamic work environment. Through interactive training and networking with people who share common values, ReGeneration is the starting point we need in our days.

Ismini Arvaniti
Market Developer

My experience in ReGeneration Academy in the field of Digital Marketing was exceptional. The people that I met, the assets I acquired throughout the academy, helped me not only in a professional, but also in a personal level. I also participated in the selection process of the next ReGenerators, which was an unforgettable experience. I would like to thank ReGeneration for the opportunity and wish them success in all they do! 

Efstathia Berdi
Billing Assisant

For me, participating in ReGeneration was the first step and the reason to move to a new city. I took a leap of faith as you were telling us and I started a new life in Athens, which eventually led me- along with your support- to a new job and to new experiences!

Vassiliki Couvara
Consultant HR Transformation / Human Capital Consulting

"Participating in the ReGeneration program not only confirmed, but surpassed my expectations as far as opportunities to learn, collaborate and prepare for the ‘wider’ business world. This is true not only when viewed from my personal point of view, but also from a professional business perspective.

Talents participating in ReGeneration will be given the opportunity to build a strong foundation to pursue their ideal career path and prove themselves as respectable players in business.. It is an innovative,challenging and encouraging program which supports participants in their goals to achieve their professions aspirations and develop their skills."

Coca-Cola 3E
Ilias Floros
Retail and Wholesale Business Developer

ReGeneration guarantees the best capitalization of time. It’s there to provide candidates with a meaningful direction the moment of transition to the professional world. The broad network and the development of vital skills combined with the experience in credible companies create a mix that leads to success. 

Melina Grigoriadou
Group Marketing Operations Specialist

In a period when I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do in my life, the employment opportunity of ReGeneration along with the training and volunteering, gave me the solution I needed. Starting working, I realized how much the Marketing sector fits me, which I did not have the chance to see how it works by then. These six months gave me wings, helped me learn lots of things and I managed to evolve in a really short period and stay in the company in a position that was exactly what I was looking for! 

Dimitra Konstantakopoulou
Communication Specialist

ReGeneration for me was the starting point of my professional career. It helped me achieve my dreams and try to make them happen in my home-country. I would like to thank you for giving me hope, believing in me and in my capabilities. Keep on helping young people and offering opportunities to people who try and dream so that we can all together build the country that we deserve. 

Price Waterhouse Cooper
Dionisis Koutroubis
Associate at Risk Assurance Services

I would like to express my joy that I was part of ReGeneration. The program provided me with the opportunity not only to take my first steps in the professional world, which is very important nowadays, but also to get to know other young people and test my abilities in new scientific fields through the trainings. 

Grigoris Koutsibogiorgos
IT Consultant

ReGeneration Academy was one of the best learning experience I ever had. It gave me the opportunity to pursue qualifications in the tech world at zero cost to me, and helped me land my first corporate job.

ReGeneration stands as one a the few organizations that manage to bridge the gap between university graduates and businesses.

Aggeliki Kyrtata
Maintenance Contract Control

For all the young people that have the skills and the attitude to succeed, but do not know where to go, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to ReGeneration. Success comes with personal effort and a bit of luck. In my case, the factor of luck knocked my door through a radio commercial. The rest is history…

Konstantinos Labis
Network Development Executive

ReGeneration was the start for my business adventure. It gave me the chance for a better opportunities regarding my career.

It was a very intense experience that I recommend to everyone. Keep fighting for your future!

Ioannis Lagiopoulos
EHSQ Analyst

ReGeneration gave me the opportunity to pursue personal and professional development via community service, various soft skill seminars and paid employment, which started for me in 2017 and continues today. Above all, ReGeneration gave me the chance to network with a special group of talented young people.

The accomplishment of belonging to the community of ReGeneration finalists is something that I am really proud of.

Theodora Loukanari
Medical Information Associate

If someone asks me what ReGeneration is, I would tell them it’s a team of people that helps young graduates become the best version of themselves, to learn to be flexible and adapt in the reality they are facing and through this process also find employment. In this negative environment, initiatives like ReGeneration are here to remind us that we need to stand against the pessimists. When everyone asks why you are trying and that nothing will happen, just ignore them. And at some point you may answer them that, through this process I learned, I developed myself, I have a positive attitude and now I also have a job. At least in my case this happened through ReGeneration, though the team that has as its ultimate goal to keep talented young people in the country. 

Panagiota Megagianni
Assistant of the Quality Control Manager

ReGeneration is not just an internship program, but also an opportunity for university graduates join a workplace, develop soft skills and take voluntary actions.

The program enables young people to acquire working knowledge in a professional environment, be part of a team, reinforce their talents and work with remarkable executives. It is a worthwhile experience which could effectively contribute to the evolution of the participants' careers.

Orestis Milios
Information Developer

ReGeneration was a crucial influence regarding my first steps as a young professional. Having just completed university, I felt the enormous gap between academic education and the actual corporate world.

When I joined the program I had no idea how much it would define my path as a young engineer thirsty for professional experience.

The ReGeneration team will always be an inspiration for me. I have never seen before a team of young people so passionate about what they do and its cause. If only there were more initiatives like this, if only more young graduates harvested the benefits of this program. Keep up the great job, and keep inspiring us all.

George Pantazis

ReGeneration has managed to consistently identify young graduates who lack work experience but are driven by their desire to prove they have what it takes to succeed when given the opportunity.

After almost two years and several trainings that helped me develop both as a person and a professional, all I can say is that from now on my life will be split in two; Before ReGeneration and After ReGeneration.

Orestes Polyzos
Software Engineer

Participating in ReGeneration Coding School was an unforgettable experience. In my case, it served as a transition from university to the IT industry, offering me the technical and soft skills required to later take on a position as a Full-Stack Java Software Engineer.

I would definitely suggest ReGeneration to anyone willing to further their knowledge!

Katerina Ragousi
Front Office Executive

My journey started with a lot of disbelief, sadness and frustration as I was experiencing the worst period of my life, in all areas. Since I applied, I was anxiously waiting for the results at each stage, and yes I passed the psychometric tests, and yes I passed the Live Assessment Center, and yes I finally started to hope, to make dreams, to live! ReGeneration helped me interview with companies that I might not have been fortunate enough to meet otherwise, find the job I have for the past 1,5 years, meet people, make friends, get out of my comfort zone, evolve both professionally and personally. It was a stepping stone to change the way I experience life. ReGeneration woke up in me the most beautiful feelings, the most beautiful aspects of myself. I will not say that this journey has ended for me. It will always accompany me and I will always have the same pride as one of the finalists of ReGeneration, among thousands of applications.

Ioannis Ragousis
Advisor Google’s GGTO

Through ReGeneration, I was offered a position in a Google project as an Advisor in digital marketing (even though I had no experience in that field). Getting these skills and experience, I was accepted in a prestigious university in the Netherlands to study Business Administration and today I am working as a consultant in a multinational firm. Even after 4 years, I am still receiving questions from colleagues and interviewers about the ReGeneration experience. I developed not only valuable professional skills but also my network expanded; I even made long-lasting friendships from ReGeneration!  Thank you ReGeneration, I’m reminiscent of these days!

Rigas Rigakis
Sales Representative

ReGeneration to me means development of personal attributes, beahaviors and talents of its participants that combined with the theoretical and practical background of each one of us, contributes in the goals and development of top-notch companies in Greece in a modern and competitive work environment.

ReGeneration means a world of opportunities designed for visionary and crazy people who strive for success.

Vasilis Sidiropoulos
Logistics Trainee

I would like to say a big thank you to the ReGeneration team for the effort you did to find a position that suits me, a thank you for the companies you put me in touch both in Athens and Thessaloniki (with some of the companies I believe I couldn’t have spoken by myself) and an even bigger thank you for the boost you gave me after the three-days training in Athens. Despite the fact that I was unemployed for a year and my bad psychological condition, after all the things I experienced in the training, my mood reached new highs, I believed everything would be alright and I had something to wait for. The speakers, the passion of the team, the coordination of the training and of every part of the process showed me that you truly love what you are doing, changed my mindset and my way of tackling the situation. You helped me reach the point where I am today. And you are responsible for a big part of my success.

Anastasis Stamatis
Industry Analyst

When I took the leap of faith back to Greece, ReGeneration was my only connection to the job market. Through the program, I had the chance to experience the bright side of my country, those hardworking, always-striving, hopeful young doers called “ReGenerators”. I had the opportunity to meet organisations and mentors that were eager to help me achieve my goals. Less than a year later, I changed my career and landed my dream job. For all that, for being an anchor in a period of uncertainty, for the new path I find myself in, for all the friends I’ve made along the way, I’ll always be grateful.

Foteini Theodosiou
Junior Data Analyst

ReGeneration serves as a key to endless opportunities for young people. My experience with the program has opened new horizons and helped me evolve in so many ways, including becoming a member of a great multinational company.

COCA-COLA Central & Eastern Europe
Ioulia Tsatsouli
Innovations Project Manager, Juice, Dairy & Plant based

COCA-COLA Central & Eastern Europe, Innovations Project Manager, Juice, Dairy & Plant based ReGeneration changed my life completely! It gave me a great chance and reason to return back to my beloved Greece. Something I will never forget! I would have never imagined that I would be working in such a great multinational company like The Coca Cola Company and particularly in the field of my studies. It was a perfect match!

Nikolas Varveris
Academy Trainee

ReGeneration has offered the greatest opportunity to launch my career. The program helped me complete a comprehensive training course by supporting me through structured tutorials, coaching and volunteer work. Furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to share my experience with new candidates.

I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this program, and I recommend it to every young person who wants to further develop their skills.

Thomina Voziki
Learning Designer/Facilitator

ReGeneration is the equivalent of opportunity. It is proof to everyone who says there are no stimuli and opportunities in the employment market. It is the best kick off for the beginning of your career. It addresses the needs of young people with trainings, case studies, volunteering opportunities and mentorship programs. See it, try it, live it! Get to know people with similar backgrounds and exchange knowledge and experiences.